Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Learing

I was lucky enough to spend two days with two of my wonderful Kinder Team at Digipalooza (#digi2015) this week. We had a great time and learned lots of awesome things about how to become a "creator" of technology instead of just a "consumer" and how to teach that to our students.

Awesome presentations by Tiffany Copple & Brittany Banister of 2 Techie TeachersHope to keep in touch with these girls!

Don't you just love how a good session can inspire you to jump in headfirst. Well...kinda. I already have my blog here, but as you can see, I have much neglected it. :(  So now this is going to become the place to not only talk shop but to document my learning. All of it. School, hobbies, everything. And even more than that, I am hoping going to help my three awesome kids at home start their own blogs to show their learning too. Yeah!! Family project! I'll let you know how it goes.

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